Installing Boot Camp 3.1 on Windows 7 (64bit)

It was time for me to replace Vader (my black, big, loud breathing, evil Windows, PC). So I bought myself an iMac 27″ Core i7 2,93 GHz. Anakin is here. And he is a thing of beauty.

Most games I play these days are available for Mac. Which is good. But I recently bought Monkey Island™ 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge™ on Steam, which is only available for Windows. So I started to install Boot Camp… Which was troublesome. Apparently the iMac and Windows 7 64bit isn’t compatible. Trying to install Boot Camp in Windows from the Snow Leopard DVD just gave me an error. I found out that I needed Boot Camp 3.1. Which can be downloaded from apple.com. However. To install 3.1 I first need 3.0. And we already know that 3.0 can’t be installed… Damn you Joseph Heller.

However. I found this guide which solved my Boot Camp installation issues. Cliffs:

  1. Open the Snow Leopard DVD in Windows
  2. Open Boot Camp\Open Drivers\Apple\
  3. Right click on the “BootCamp64” application and click “Troubleshoot compatibility”
  4. Windows 7 will recognize that it can run this application by disabling Boot Camp’s Version Check – Install Boot Camp
  5. Run Apple Software Update (might need to install it from the DVD also if BootCamp didn’t install it, not sure, I installed it before I managed to install Boot Camp) to install Boot Camp 3.1

Now my only issue is that I can’t use the native resolution of 2560 x 1440. It doesn’t recognize that it’s a 16:9 screen and is stuck on 1920 as max horizontal pixels. I’ll update if I find a fix for this …

Disclaimer: Sure, I could install Parallels, which I own … And I will … But I want both options. I want to be able to start Windows 7 inside OS X when I just need it to play easy going games or other stuff. Where I don’t need all the power. But I guess that Boot Camp will give Windows 7 better performance. So I want to have that option to.

Disclaimer 2: I’ve tried Apples display driver. Windows default drivers. And ATI Catalyst for Radeon HD, Mobility Radeon HD and their old Boot Camp specific drivers… The ATI Radeon HD 5750 in the iMac, apparently, in reality, is a Radeon HD Mobility 5850.

Update 2009-08-12 – Got a tip about which driver to download. Actually, I got two. Can’t get it working though. The drivers install fine. But I can’t access the catalyst settings. And it is still maxed out at 1920×1440. It runs fine in Parallels though. But if I switch between Boot Camp and Parallels I need to re-activate Windows. Which might make it sad and lock me out. Rumors has it Ultimate does not require this. I might upgrade. But for the time being I will stay in Parallels. Only need Windows for Monkey Island at the moment anyway. (And my girlfriend need it for poker).

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