111 111 songs scrobbled!

The 5th of December in 2004 I joined Audioscrobbler.com. It was (and still is, kind of) a service which let you log, or scrobble, all songs you listened to through your music player. In the beginning I was still stuck in Windows and I was using Foobar 2000 to listen to MP3 files which may or may not have been ripped legally from my own CD collection. I’ve always loved statistics and when I started to see weekly and monthly top lists of my most played songs I knew I had found a service I would stick with for as long as I could.

At the time I don’t think I even knew of Last.fm but when they finally merged the sites in 2005 I started using their Internet radio streaming type of service, which obviously also scrobbled everything, and my affection for the service grew deeper. I loved that you could like and unlike songs and that Last.fm from it could generate radio stations just for me. Radio stations that played songs that I liked. By connecting me to friends and people who liked similar music I discovered a lot of new music and bands that I still hold close to my heart. Last.fm also was the first online service I payed for and it may or may not have made me rip less of my legally bought CDs.

Unfortunately, due to different reasons, Last.fm had to change the rules and requirements for online streaming. And after receiving a beta invite to Spotify in 2008, just a month before it opened its doors to paying subscribers, I started to loose interest in the Last.fm streaming service. But I kept on scrobbeling.

Today, just 3 130 days later, I’ve reached 111 111 scrobbled songs! And this is cause for a celebration … Yay!

  • 111 111 songs in 3 130 days or 35.5 songs per day
  • If each song is about 3.5 min long, I’ve listened to 270 days, 1 hour, 28 min and 30 sec of music
  • Or 8.6% of the time
  • My most played artist is Grandaddy [Spotify] with 2 470 plays
  • My most played song is Jed’s Other Poem (Beautiful Ground) [Spotify] by the same band with 191 plays
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