The separation of iPhone and iPad

So I got myself an iPad and I must say I like it. I still miss some Swedish characters on the keyboard. And iOS4 would be nice. But that will come. It would be nice if I didn’t have to jailbreak any of my devices to share my 3G connection from the iPhone. But I know that isn’t going to happend any time soon.

One thing I really don’t like though is some app developers separation of iPhone and iPad. I understand that some games are different on the two devices. It’s still kind off cheap but I’m ok with buying an excellent game like Plants vs. Zomies twice. I played it on my iPhone and it was such a fun ride I was more then ok with spending money on it again for the HD experience. I didn’t buy Angry Birds on the iPhone. But I did on the iPad. But when an app just changes the layout in the iPad version I’m a bit annoyed.

I got Net News Wire on the iPhone. Bought it again on the iPad. I really like Beejive on my phone and even though I spent over 100 SEK on it for the phone I bought it again for 75 SEK for my new device. But I’m not happy about it. But I use these softwares alot so. Ok. I can let it go. Somewhere I draw my line though. When Weather PRO want my money again I have to say now. It’s a really good weather app and I use it quiet alot on the phone. But I’m not buying it again just to get a new layout. Nooo sir. Not having it. That’s just wrong.

I wish more devs where like Twitterific. The new app is an universal app. It’s the same app you install on both devices. And if I upgrade to the ad free, which is an in app purchase, on one device. I can upgrade for free on the other. Kudos. You’re still a bit ‘effed if you bought the old version of the app though. But I’m ok with paying for new major upgrades. Like from Leopard to Snow Leopard.

I understand that devs have to get payed. And changing apps from one device to another can’t be done without the devs. But. No. I’m not having it. I don’t like it. So some apps will have to stay iPhoney on my iPad. And we can just hope that this won’t streach to iPhone pre 4 vs. iPhone 4. Non retina vs. retina. But I guess we would have seen it already. So. I guess my iWhine can stop. For now.

Still loving the iPad though.

– Sent from my iPad.

Posted by David