Small Twitter Tools extension to exclude twitter posts in feed

I’ve been using an old and modified version of Twitter Tools on my blog to import my tweets. They are imported as blog posts and then viewed on the Lifestream sidebar. I had to modify it cause the version I downloaded had a bug and a missing feature. It included @-replies, even though I told it in the settings not to. And I wanted to be able to exclude all twitter posts in the feed for any RSS subscribers.

A couple of days ago the old version of Twitter Tools stopped working though. It was missing oAuth. I downloaded the latest version and the bug had been fixed, it ignored @-reply like it where suppose to, but I still couldn’t remove the posts from the feed. (Which I had forgotten all about when my girlfriend asked me why all my tweets where appearing in her NetNewsWire all of a sudden).

This time thought, instead of hacking the plugin to fix my feature, I’ve created a small plugin extension. If you also uses Twitter Tools and wishes to exclude the twitter posts in your feed, you can check it out here or go straight to the download page.

Posted by David