Update Services in WPMU and WordPress 3 Multisite

I heard that WordPress, for some reason, removes the ability to change the ping sites through the Update Services form under Settings > Writing in the admin area. I dug around a bit, I asked a WordPress developer and I found out that you can add a filter to get it back. It was westi who showed me the way. And said:

@westi: @DMRsweden The best thing to do is to use the add_filter but with priority 11 that way it will run after the default filter and win

So basically this is all the plugin needs to do:

add_filter(‘enable_update_services_configuration’, ‘__return_true’, 11);

But you can check for yourself. Download it here.

Update: It was brought to my attention that the plugin didn’t work as expected. The Update Services form was shown, but the data was never saved. Obviously I thought that I had tested it. But I worked on two different solutions and rather quickly… I guess I worked to quickly. :) Anyway, I found out that I needed a second filter, whitelist_options, to add the ping_sites form to the whitelist when saving the form data.

Now I only need a confirmation on that all the sites you add actually gets pinged to … Check out the source code here.

Update 2: @jonasbjork have reported that it seams to work. :)

Posted by David